Our missions

G-NECA’s priority is to invest in the success of your projects.


Financial auditing is one of our core competency. Our service is spread in two main functions, legal auditing and contractual auditing to guarantee your business transparency and effective corporate governance.


Légal audit

  • Certification of your financial statements
  • Audit pending merger and acquisition
  • Advise on restructuring plans, capital increase, LBO

Contractual auditing

  • Financial audit of the target
  • Due diligence
  • Company valuation
  • Advisory for IPOs
  • Verification of provisional statements
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G-NECA advises start-ups, small, and multinational companies.

Before setting up your business, you will to need to determine your business perimeter, your starting costs, and draw up provisional budgets to secure funding. G-NECA is your partner throughout this journey, you can rely on our expertise to get your business of the ground and running.

Once your business is up and running, keeping-up with your expenses is essential to secure your Financial stability and profitability.

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Merger / Acquisition / Valuation

Merger and acquisition can fast-track your expansion if done right. To secure an M&A deal, legal, financial, operational or organisational audits are indispensable. With comprehensive experience on deal structuring / audit and change management, G-NECA can provide with expert advice on your expansion.

Organisation and execution of the deal

  • Drafting a sale strategy
  • Evaluate market conditions and timing
  • Prepare presentation documents
  • Identify, approach potential buyers in France and internationally
  • Oversee information disclosure
  • Design management packages for LBO
  • Advising throughout negotiation until the conclusion of the deal


  • Identify and evaluation your operational costs
  • Identify the adequate financial instruments (actions, obligations, mezzanine, etc.)
  • Identify ideal business partners for your business


  • Design an IP strategy (financial package, timing etc..)
  • Organise and oversee the procedure with financial authorities
  • Deal structuring, setting up terms of the Offer, implementation of the transaction

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They say adapt or die. With new business models such as UBER, AIR BnB, and collaborative economies, change is a necessary part of keeping your business at the top of its game. Your business might require some business restructuring (organisational, operational, financial or legal). However, change might also disrupt your business stability when implementation is not done the right way. G-NECA accompanies you through a successful change strategy. Our solutions vary and depend on your business culture, size, activity and management objectives. We intervene in :

  • Crisis management
  • Drafting a restructuring plan
  • Drafting new business services to expend your activity

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G-NECA is has a well establish reputation for its training in IT, accounting, financial analysis, management and change management. After a diagnostic of your employees and business need, we design a tailor-made service to ensure your team is working with up-to-date processes, technologies and information.

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