G-NECA is a strategic partner for business at local as well as international level. Our service are designed to meet market demands, and increase your competitivity in your sector of activity.

Sale of goods and services

The challenges facing companies in the service industry are diverse and specific to their activity. Building on our expertise, G-NECA take a pragmatic and concrete approach to ensure your business operates at its best.

Aeronautical, Space and Defense

G-NECA advice your business in your expansion plan :

  • Expanding your business in emerging countries
  • Design your external growth through strategic alliances (JV, M&A, consortiums)

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Automobile industry

Faced with a mature, ever more regulated automobile market, combine with a  slow economic growth, business are forced to be innovative and rethink their models. Business are in demand for business models that reduce their operating costs, and booster their value chain and revenues.

G-neca advice businesses on:

  • Business positioning (market, technology, alliances…),
  • Legal compliance
  • Contractual strategy (IP, licencing, business ethic, environment…).
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Food industry

The food industry is facing urges transformation from consumers changes demands, need for transparency, eco-friendly products, to regulatory and tighter policing from food agencies and government. G-NECA is your ideal partner to keep up-to-date with regulations and boost your strategic planning by:

  • Defining your wholesale and online business strategy, and review your distribution channels
  • Designing and finance your expansion strategy
  • Adapt your pricing model to raw materials price fluctuation
  • Structure and oversee your supply chain

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Fashion and high-end industry

Fashion and high-end products have historically set France apart. Because of their gearing effects, other industry such as Tourism and restauration have benefited from a high surge in international demands.

G-NECA works alongside your team to:

  • To support your finance and accounting department
  • Optimize your operating costs et increase operating profits
  • support your business transactions, JV, partnership, LBO, capital increase, conduct due diligence and valuation for IPO
  • Advise you on your co-sourcing and externalisation plan
  • Align your business strategy with your operational and investment strategy
  • Advise on legal and Tax obligations

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The 2008 financial crisis has led to highly regulated financial market and cautious investors. The digitalisation of the financial service, and the economy in general (virtual currencies, blockchain) had create new challenges for banks and financial institutions.

G-NECA provides a « full package service » for businesses, to give you a “360 Advisory Service”. We advise you on all front, including but not limited to accounting, audit, legal audit, Corporate Tax, due diligence, anti-corruption, restructuration, M&A, IPO and LBO. With our inclusive deal, we ensure your business transactions are strategically sound, financial and legally secured.

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Real estate and BTP

The challenges for businesses in Real Estate and BTP are multiple:  raising capital, tighter regulations, heavy tax burden, and environmental regulations are some of the challenges investors have to mitigate. To increase return on investment and reduce costs, our expert advises you at every stage of your business venture, ensuring every step of the way that your investment is secured and profitable.

G-NECA advises you on:

  • Strategic real estate investment, when; where and how to buy or sell
  • Leverage legal constraints to your advantage
  • Optimise your internal control process
  • Provide reliable and trustworthy legal information

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G-NECA proposes a complete offer of services including audit, consulting and support in the field of the health and biomedical. We accompany your businesses in the elaboration your business strategy (positioning, markets, products, public tender), finalize/review or audit your organizational and operational reports and finance.

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Public Sector

G-NECA puts its expertise in audit, management consulting, information systems and financial advice in the service of the public sector. We can help public companies assess market mutations, and elaborate restructuration/reorganisation plans, tighten their internal procedure and fraud preventions mechanisms.

We assist your team on :

  • Compliance
  • Legal and contractual audit
  • Design internal process and control procedure

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The changes in the insurance sector create an economic and financial environment which burdens companies’ ability to be innovative. Legal and tax reforms, the recurrence of the catastrophic disasters lead to a deflation of profits margins. To remain competitive businesses must rethink their business model.
At G-NECA we believe design a winning strategy start with knowing your greatest assets and weakness, from there you can leverage what work and improve what doesn’t to close the knowledge gap and leverage your advantage.

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Service Industry

The diversity of the retail industry coupled with its global nature creates a very competitive industry. At G-NECA we understand the issues faced by business of all sizes working throughout the supply chain. From growing private businesses to some of the largest companies in the world, there are many challenges along the way.

At G-NECA, we understand merging key retail and consumer market sectors and your business specific needs is the key to resonate with your targets. Your company’s success is our priority, whatever the products and services.

G-NECA provides:

  • Audit and compliance
  • international Financial Reporting Standards conversion advice
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • VAT planning, investigations and health checks
  • Transaction support and corporate finance
  • Risk management
  • Corporate governance and risk management
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Transport and Logistics

The increase in price of raw materials, the reinforcement of the legal and environmental constraints, the opening of the markets and the intensification of flows related to the general opening up to competition are as many constraints which operate a reshaping of the sector of transport and logistics.

G-NECA assists you to remain competitive:

  • Accounting assistance and Financial Audit
  • Risks management and Internal Control
  • Ethics and compliance
  • Management and Transaction consulting
  • Tax and legal support
  • Consulting and optimization of cash management and working capital
  • Transformation of the value chain
  • Sustainable development & corporate social responsibility

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Show & Media

Le secteur du numérique et du média fait également fasse à une profonde transition numérique. Cette transition soumet le dirigeant à plusieurs problématiques (DSN, AEM, Audiens …). G-NECA intégre ces évolutions dans son offre d’accompagnement avec :

  • Un accompagnement personnalisé de votre société ;
  • La prise en charge totale ou partielle de toutes vos obligations sociales, fiscales et comptables ;
  • Des formations spécifiques et adaptées…

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