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Every long-term success story starts with a clear vision and carefully planned strategy. G-NECA’s mission and priority is to help you built and grow your business. Tell us where you want to go, and we will design a pathway with you.


We help you prepare and certify your financial statements.

Financial statements must to be RELIABLE to allow directors to make sharp and informed business decisions, to provide business partners, investors with TRUSTWORTHY and reliable information.

G-NECA accompanies your business locally and internationally. Your business required our services?

  • We ensure that your financial statements complies with international and national norms
  • Verify your account statement in light of your business activities and sector
  • Alert and make recommendations to directors regarding any financial risks or oversights

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Advisory, Restructuring & Change management

In a complex and fast-paced changing legal and business environment, setting-up a business, being innovative require a carefully planned strategy, a strong yet constantly revised business model. At G-NECA we realise setting-up and restructuring your businesses need expert and dedicated advisory. Leveraging our experience and expertise, we provide tailor-made business consulting to small to multinational entities. We help you start, grow and alleviate your operating and tax costs by :

  • Advising you on the ideal business legal structure
  • Identify, secure, and leverage funding effectively
  • Define or modify your operational strategy to minimize costs and maximized revenues
  • Determine and benchmark risks factors
  • Prepare for IPO (prospectus, reference documents) and deal structuring (M&A, LBO…)

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Hiring an accounting firm give you time and space to focus on what you do best, managing your business. G-NECA helps you prepare financial statements, from your idea to the implementation of your business and throughout your business activity, we make sure you keep on top of your finance. We customize our service to fit your business structure, culture, size and sector.

Our accounting team, Tax advisors and lawyers working together, are here to help you comply with your accounting obligations :

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Training is an essential to guarantee your business remains competitive and innovative. At G-NECA we provide training to support your employees professional development, notably in :

  • IT (SAP, Word, Excel, outlook…)
  • Finance: introduction to the financial market, financial analysis
  • Management and change management
  • Accounting and compliance
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