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Cookies information

The cookies enhance the user experience by:

  • Saving preferences, so that you do not have to write them again after change of page,
  • Saving information which you have already provided (for example: your postcode) in order to avoid you writing them again,
  • Measuring the way in which you use the site, in order to improve it and to fit your needs.

The purpose of our cookies is to allow a better operation of the site for you. You can manage and/or remove these files on your preferences.

For more information about the cookies and the way of managing them, you can visit the site of CNIL. The continuation of this document will also allow you to learn more on the way in which we use the cookies.

How we use cookies

Call us back if you took note of our message on the cookies

This G-NECA website uses cookies in various places. We listed each one of them below, with more details about the reason for which we use them and over their lifetime. “End of session” means that the cookie is temporary and will be removed each time you close your browser.

During your first visit on the site, you can be accommodated by a message at the top of the screen about the use that we make of the cookies. We record a cookie when you click on the button “I accept” in order to memorize your choice and to do not display again the greeting message during your next visit.

Name Aim Expiration
g-necaAcceptCookies  Saves a cookie to let us know that you have seen and accepted our cookie message. 12 mouths


Measure the use of the website

We use Google Analytics to collect information on the way in which the visitors use the site, and to know better their needs. That enables us to improve the site constantly.
Google Analytics records information on the pages that you visit, the time of the visit, provenance pages, etc. We do not receive and we do not record any personal information like name or addresses: this cookie cannot be used to identify you. We do not authorize Google to use or share with a third-party the data of navigation on our site.

You can decide to do not provide data through Google Analytics cookies: visit this page on Google.


Name Aim Expiration
_utma This number randomly generated is used to know the number of unique visitors on our site. 2 years
_utmb This number randomly generated is used (with _utmc) to know the average time of the visits on our site. 30 minutes
_utmc This number randomly generated is used to know at what time you close your browser. End of session
_utmz This is a number randomly generated thus also an information on how the site has been joined by the visitor (via a link, through the organic research or sponsored research). 6 months
_jsuid This cookie contents a random number generated at the first time that someone visits the website. Its goal is to determine news visitors. 10 years
_eventqueue This cookie records a range of events of the mouse which are not necessarily followed before the end of the visit of a page. Those events can then be treated during the loading of the next page. 1 hour
heatmaps_g2g_100626449 This cookie allows to give Google the instruction to record clicks on a page in order to be able to generate after a “heatmap” (a representation of points and time of fixation of regard on a web page). 1 hour
_first_pageview This cookie of session is created during the first display of the page for each visit. Its goal is to display some elements of code only during the first display of the page and enhance the speed of the website. 10 minutes
_referrer_og This cookie records the origin of the user. 90 days


Other cookies related to other providers

Name Aim Expiration
leo_auth_token Those cookies Linkedin are created by the « Share » button of Linkedin. They are used to know which pages are visited. For more information, you can visit the following page on Linkedin website: 1 hour
L1e End of session
X-LI-IDC End of session
visit 2 years
JSESSIONID End of session
guest_id This cookie is created by twitter. It is present in result of the insertion of « Share » and “follow” functionalities of Twitter on our pages. 2 years
ACTIVITY Those cookies are created by Youtube to allow the measurement of the display of videos Youtube incorporated in our pages. End of session
PREF End of session
YSC End of session
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE End of session



Our website also uses Pardot, which collects information allowing to identify you individually through the Javascript technology and cookies used to analyse the usage of the website by the visitors. The services of Pardot help us to identify the visitors of the website, to analyse the emails campaigns, to manage registration form of the website (and to control the performance of Google AdWords campaigns). For more information on cookies PARDOT, go on (English site):


Name of cookie Type of Cookie Type Description Usage Expiration
Visitor Cookie Advertising

Cookie or of monitoring

Chain The visitor cookie includes the name « Visitor id » as well as the unique username of the visitor, example: “visitor_id1234”. This cookie is set up through a code of monitoring of visitors of our website. No identifiable personal information is stored in the cookie. The PARDOT cookies are simply a digital login name that allow to recognise visitors who come back, and they have no signal outside of the PARDOT system. 10 years
Cookie opt in Advertising

Cookie or of monitoring

Chain This persistent cookie “pi_opt_in” is used in order to avoid the storage of identifiable personal information in the cookies. This cookie is put in practise through the code of monitoring of visitors of our website in compliance with the initiative « do not track ». 10 years